GELCOAT which is used for the outer parts of the slide and which gives colour to it, is highly resistant to acid and sun rays and being izoftalic/NPG based and containing an acrylic modifier, a ticsotropic material and an accelerator it has got a very high performance. The compression factor of POLYESTER used in the production of the water slide is very low and its stretching factor is very high, it has been produced especially for an automatic machine, minimum percentage of glassfiber in GRP(Glassfiber Reinforced Polyester) is 30%.


If the steel tower and staircases are produced by our firm then the stairs of the staircase and the surface of the platform are covered by fibreglass without charge.


We don’t use any Dacromated nuts and bolts which rust in a short time period. The nuts and bolts that we use in our system are Rustproof Chrome(A2-70).


The width, depth and density of the elements of the water slide correspond to DIN EN – 1069 norms. (There are water slides in Turkey which are produced according to wrong proportions and it leads to many accidents). Safety altitudes are used at every curve.


Water slides at our plant are produced with the usage of developed automatic machines.


All materials used in the steel constructions are whole hot dipped galvanized.


The links of steel construction system of our water slides are fixed by an electric source. Under the influence of resonance, power of wind and centripetal force the rotatory link with a joint and capscrews used in the water slide becomes loose which leads to loosening of fiber link capscrews. Loosening of fiber link capscrews leads to choke formation in the supplementary parts. These chokes can cause great damage to people's health. We minimize the oscillation of water slide system by installing a steel construction with a link source.


If in manual system the product is poured into the form under 1-2 atm pressure; in automatic machine it is homogeneously produced under 10 atm pressure. In an automatic machine all chemical elements are mixed according to their value and air temperature,fiberglass can be cut according to our wish, besides, fiberglass,polyester and otheradditive chemicals are poured at the same time.


Machine production has spread together with the development in the world of technology which raises the speed and quality of the business branches.

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